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Our Process

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Identify the Core Issues and Determine Objectives

In our initial meeting we will sit down and you will tell us your story about what happened. Next we will gather basic information that may be necessary to find out more information about your case. Finally we will determine the true cause of the problem and decide what issues to move forward on.

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Gather and Analyze all Relevant Information

After hearing your story and decided the core issues, we will begin our research and discovery process. During this time we will discover all facts that may affect your claim. Determine what facts are persuasive to improving your outcome and what may harm it. We will communicate to other parties that may be involved when filing any documents on your behalf.

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Develop Strategies to Solve Issues

After all the information has been developed, we will create multiple plans to reach your end goal. Then together we will collaborate to decide the best plan of action moving forward. Our process is client centered. We will always inform you of any actions we take to make sure everyone is on the same page moving forward. 


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