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Business Start Up Legal Services

Business Plan Organization

Creating a business plan is an essential step to starting a successful business. We will help clients organize their vision into a plan with attainable goals in order to give them guidance for the obstacles along the way. 


We will help clients with the tedious legal paperwork and help them pick the business model that is right for them so they can focus on the business and leave the paperwork headaches to us.

Drafting Articles of Organization and Bylaws

Ensuring your business has a clear vision of operation is critical as your business grows. The articles and bylaws are important in the event of a dispute arises or change in business function. We will draft these documents to help your business be prepared should such an event arise.

Drafting Business Contracts

Business and employment contracts are tedious and very detailed. However, they are crucial for operation. We will draft all necessary contracts needed as the business grows.

Marketing and SWOT analysis

Knowing your audience, strengths and weaknesses is important when dealing with any competition from other businesses. We will help your business understand these challenges so the business can be put in the best position to succeed against its competition. 

Growth Strategy

Businesses must have plan to grow in order to thrive over a long term period. We will help advise the business of the risks and necessary changes involved with expanding.