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Child Legal Services

Child Custody Agreements

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Child custody is often an emotional issue for divorcing spouses. We work hard to make this process as peaceful as possible by working with clients to obtain a favorable custody agreement by looking at the child(ren's) best interests.  

Parenting Plans

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Often times, divorcing or divorced couples need a set agreement in place to help determine the responsibilities and obligations of each parent for day to day issues when raising their child(ren). A set plan in places helps reduce conflict between parents and allows them to focus on whats best for their child(ren)

Visitations Concerns

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Occasionally, limitations need to be set for when parents can visit or have custody of the child(ren). We will work with clients to draft any legal documents to outline those limitations.

Child Support Calculations

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In Indiana, child support is required by the courts. Child supports attempts to put child(ren) in the same economic position as if the parents were living together. We perform all child support calculations and adjustments for our clients. 

Child Support Modifications

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Child support can be reviewed annually or if there is a substantial change in circumstance by either parent. We will perform additional child support calculations and motions for a change in the amount if you are paying too much or receiving too little. 

Parent Relocations

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Parents have a right to spend time with their child(ren). If one parent is moving certain restrictions can be put on the move and custody can be revisited to look at the best interests of the child(ren) involved in the move. We will help our clients though the process to obtain a favorable result for or against relocation.