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Civil Mediation Services

What is Mediation?


Mediation is a process that allows parties to come together and resolve their issue with a neutral attorney or mediator. The mediator helps facilitate the conversation, exchange information and educate the parties on different options. Mediators help parties uncover the underlying issues and find common ground to resolve the dispute. The parties have complete control of the outcome unlike going to court.

Parties can be as creative as they want when making a final agreement. Mediation does not have the strict regulations and red tape like the court process. Mediated agreements are often times more successful compared to court agreements because the parties are the ones who determine the end result instead of a judge. 

Mediation has many benefits compared to the traditional court process. The mediation usually takes a fraction of the time compared to litigation. The dispute can be resolved in a matter of hours instead of months or years in a backed up court system. The cost associated with mediation is usually a fraction of litigation. Both parties pay for one mediator instead of two attorneys. The mediator works to facilitate a conversation instead of argue back and forth for a different position. As a result, mediation creates peace for parties moving forward without walking out of the dispute despising the process or other party.

When an agreement has been reached, we will write up a detailed agreement outlining the terms that both parties agreed on. Upon signing, the mediated agreement will become a binding and enforceable contract.

Why mediation is the favorite thing we do

We think mediation is the future of most legal disputes. The traditional litigation model will always have an important role for some high conflicts. However, mediation is a productive way to resolve disputes for a fraction of the time and cost. 

Most court cases end in a settlement after costing a great deal of time and money. So we believe helping clients work with each other from the start instead of against each other is the best way to resolve a dispute.